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We currently have a variety of sheep! 

From EverRanch, 3 Gotland girls (Fiona, April, and Alice) gave birth to 7 lambs (5 boys, 2 girls) by FSF Kyle in Spring 2023. 4 more ladies from EverRanch joined us in Fall 2023 (Joni, Jasmine, Picot, and ewe lamb Essie). We also purchased 3 ewe lambs from Sheri Powers who we will grow out to lamb in 2025. Finally, from Kalaya Farms, Karl and Gina rounded out our group. We are hoping 8 ladies will have lambs for the 2024 season. 

From On the Lamb farm, 5 Katahdin girls (Becky, Luna, Bella, Eileen, and Myrtle) make up our puppy sheep group for training days.

The rest of our working flock is a mixed group of Katahdin mixes (mostly wethers) and Bob who has retired to the important job of "ram companion". 

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